Everybody is health conscious today. They do their early morning walks, jogging, running and other fitness exercises to stay fit and achieve their aims in life. Many people go to the gyms so that they can maintain their fitness routine without fail.
However, there are certain facts that cannot be ignored and that is injuries are often caused by doing the wrong exercises. So how can you become fit fast without hurting yourself? Here are some points you must consider when you start exercising to stay healthy and fit:

  1. Proper Guidance – Whatever you choose to do to keep yourself fit, the first golden rule of exercising is to follow the advice of a fitness trainer. Maybe you can do your exercises by following the various fitness CDs available today or use gym equipment. But do you really know what exercises are best for you and exactly how to do them? Like all other fields of work and education where you need specialized study and training, to be good guides, professional trainers undergo rigorous training before they become trainers. They are professionals in this field and are the best guides. When doctors advice you to do your exercises, they specifically mention that it is always right to take the guidance of an expert trainer especially when you are just beginning.  Your common sense will also give you the same advice “Do your exercises under the guidance of an expert”.
  2. Performing the exercises through correct movements – There are different types of exercises designed for various purposes. Some help to improve metabolism and immunity and total health, others help to build the six packs while some are exclusively designed to reduce weight and obesity related issues.  But importance should be given to correct movements for every movement affects the muscles and all other parts of the body.
  3. Causes of injuries – The exercise techniques are not the same for every move.  Poor techniques are the main causes of fitness related injuries. Any kind of improper movement can damage the muscles, nerves and the bones.
  4. Over-training also causes injuries when the body cannot take it anymore. There is loss of energy and progress is hampered. Instead of becoming fit, you lose weight, become weak and fail to complete your assignments.

If you are aiming at total fitness very quickly, do your exercises under an experienced trainer and follow his or her instructions especially regarding correct movements so that you do not injure yourself in the process.


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