Personal achievements

2006 – 2012 – Athlete at London Irish Academy
2013 – 2016 – 2:1 BSc. Health, Exercise & Physical Activity


Having played a high level of elite sport as an athlete for London Irish Rugby Academy, I have experienced personally what you can achieve with the guidance and accountability of coaches with expertise knowledge and evidence based training structures.

I studied Health, Exercise & Physical Activity at St. Mary’s receiving a 2:1 Bachelor Science degree. Key modules of this degree included, weight management, programme design, nutrition and health, injury in physical activity, lifestyle management and health promotion.


I have worked with the Met police in a programme to ensure their staff passed an annual fitness assessment. I was assigned a group of female police officers who had little experience of fitness and using a gym. At the start of the programme the group were not achieving the target level of the fitness test required to pass, however throughout the 8 week training programme the women were empowered with the knowledge and support to effectively carryout their training in the gym and grew in confidence as well as making improvements with their physical fitness. Following the 8 week course all the officers I worked with exceeded the requirements of the police fitness test and had also gained personal confidence with exercising and continued to maintain their training.

Other experience includes assisting with the strength and conditioning training of youth athletes at London Irish Academy incorporating coaching of strength, corrective exercise, plyometric movements, speed and agility. Ensuring the athletes develop the correct technique for exercises to support them as they progress with their rugby careers.


Using research and evidence based training techniques to help clients achieve specific goals within a set time frame. Ensuring that throughout training clients are empowered with the knowledge and resources to give them the confidence that they can achieve the results they want,have fun, live a lifestyle they enjoy while becoming the best version of themselves.


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