What We Offer

The Fitness Clinic Berkshire offers a large array of services to help you

These are delivered in the form of 1-1 and / or small group (max 6) training which are then backed up with online help and support for any further work that is required. We use a combination of Biomechanics Coaching, Strength & conditioning, and massage therapy as well as looking at your nutrition to help get your body moving functionally and optimally to achieving the best results for you.

Body Transformation

We are a team of highly qualified and vastly experienced trainers, eager to help our clients with weight loss, injury niggles and performance related goals particularly with running. If you’re unsure about whether we can help you or not then book in for a free assessment and we will show you how we can help and how the process will look like. Just apply below for the free assessment.

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Injury Prevention

Through using biomechanic coaching, we can help your injury and get you back to full fitness in no time!

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